Movie Making

The Movie Making program is specially designed for young filmmakers to get creative and produce their very own video clips, news reports, adverts, action scenes and films.

Come join us and experience being an Actor/ Director/ Choreographer/ Cameramen and Film Editor. Learn how to make stop motion animation stories come alive with sound and music.  Learn how to use edits in filming to teleport and much more.

You will use special equipment like

  • green screens, 
  • cameras, tripods, 
  • editing software, 
  • make up, props
  • claymation and animation

We will show you how to use special filming techniques to get the best out of your project.  We will show you how to use i-movies, transfer media using SD cards and how to upload to a sharing platform.

All this will ensure an enjoyable movie making experience which you can share with your family.  Great for ages 10-14 at camp and 7-12 at school.

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