Invention Club

Design thinking is a creative process based on "building up" of ideas. There are no judgments early on in design thinking. This eliminates the fear of failure and encourages maximum input and participation in the ideas and prototype phases.

Outside the box thinking is encouraged in these early processes since this can often lead to creative solutions.

Invention club workshops are designed to ask students to think innovatively and creatively, to solve various challenges that we see in the world today as well as nonsense fun challenges.

Every week the students are given a challenge, in which they have to design a solution using everyday objects or limited resources provided to them. Working as groups of individuals, the students will draw on their science and engineering knowledge as well as innate understanding of how things work, together with creative design and a trial and error approach, the students will enjoy their successes as they accomplish their mission.

These challenges allow them to think in various dimensions and critically keep on updating their designs to get the best solution. They may take their invention home or can be used by the school for showcase purposes.

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