Welcome to our LEGO ROBOTICS program. This program has been specifically designed to encourage children to use their personal learning styles. 

We provide a host of activities and experiments to keep maximum engagement as the children build their models and complete a range of challenges.

Designed for young and creative students, WeDo Robotics is a cross curricular activity for science, math, literacy and problem solving. The students can build animals, soccer players and lots more. Then add movement with fun drag and drop software creating innovative projects.

  • Build your own WeDo Lego Machine featuring working motors and sensors
  • Program your machine to move using computer software, to play soccer or go on amazing adventures
  • Take your machines to the next level with cranes, cars, Ferris wheels and house building
For older students or returning students who have completed the Lego Wedo levels, we also have the awesome NXT Mindstorms and EVO.  

These are great robots that can be designed and programmed by the students to complete tasks, hit balls, follow a line, move around a maze, and lots more.  These robots are perfect to design into BATTLE BOTS !!! which is a highlight for anyone.  

At the end of term and camp we will have our Robot Wars where all robots will battle it out for the honour and glory to be called "The Champion"

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