Fun Science

Whizz Kidz goes where no man has gone before: putting the words “fun”, “science” and “learning” in a single (and legitimate) sentence. Gone are the days of memorizing study notes by the glare of a desk lamp, as Whizz Kidz’ science workshops impart key concepts learnt in school in an unorthodox, yet engaging manner, while also inculcating invaluable principles of teamwork and creativity.

Our sessions cover a HUGE range of science topics including flying rockets, chemical reactions, electrical circuits, forensic science and many more. There are no repeated experiments and it is completely hands-on.

The science topics cover the Primary Singapore Science Syllabus, as well as the International Baccalaureate PYP.

Our sessions are jam packed with COOL EXPERIMENTS and SCIENCE ACTIVITIES.

Some experiments can come home, if not too messy.  Fantastic for ages 5-12

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